Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iran in real time

Arguably the most powerful use of the internet and technology is the honest and open sharing of information and news. Unlike news companies in the past that film something, edit it, then air it on their network with the approval of corporate sponsors, places like Flickr allow for anyone to take photos and upload them, and Twitter allows for anyone to make an update of current events. The news is uncensored, unedited, and--a necessary evil--unchecked. Sometimes the news isn't accurate; sometimes it's more accurate than people would like. The power of this has become evident in the last four days with the Iranian election riots and protesters.

While Twitter is being overwhelmed with Iranian news--some legit, some falsified--these photos don't lie:

(Warning: some images contain violent content.)

Hundreds of photos like these can be found at:

And that's only from one flickr account.

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