Monday, June 8, 2009


Mine's not this nice.

When I moved into my new apartment the previous tenant, my friend Lyndsie, left me a good amount of furniture. Truthfully that was part of the reason I took the place: free furniture is awesome. The left items consisted of a tiny bookshelf, a TV stand, a coffee table, a dinner table, some chairs, and a loveseat.

The tiny bookshelf I put in my closet to give me some shelf space, the television stand is now being used as an end table, the coffee table is serving it's intended purpose (although right now it simply provides a resting place for the latest issues of Details and Men's Health; no coffee), the chairs and dinner table serve their purpose, and the loveseat faces my computer which works as my TV, too.

It makes a nice setup. The one problem is the loveseat isn't quite long enough to lay down on. In order to lay on it I have to have my head on one armrest and my feet hanging off the other. This isn't horribly uncomfortable, but it's not ideal for sleeping. Short naps are all I can manage without emergency chiropractor visits.

Awesome, but not all too comfy

As a kid beanbag chairs were pretty common. They were (I'm guessing) about 36"x36"x24" or so with a faux-leather/vinyl cover and usually found in a kid's playroom. I never had one as a kid but I loved them, and so did every other kid I knew. Well, now us kids who grew up with beanbag chairs are adults, and y'know what? We still love beanbag chairs. And thanks to the ingenuity of my generation and our adamant refusal to actually grow up and act adult, we created beanbag chairs for adults.

Thus was born the Monster/Sumo/Lovesac.

They're all basically the same thing we had when we were kids: beanbag chairs. Except these have a high quality microfiber cover and are packed with soft fluffy "beans" instead of the hard plastic ones of our youth. The result: massive, comfortable, beanbag chairs. Sheer brilliance.

I want to get a Sumosac Gigantor or a Monstersak XXXL. I'd get a Lovesac but they're about $795 for the largest ones. Monstersaks are the same things with slightly different dimensions, half the price, and I think they're a little lower quality--I'm honestly not sure, I'd like to take a look at them firsthand before purchasing. Lovesacs are the most common in Utah and Sumosacs are almost unheard of; Monstersaks are in between, usually only found when actually looking to buy as they're not advertised much. Still, I like the Sumosacs; I've played with them, I know they're comfortable. And something about supporting the company that supports sumo sliding makes me smile (for the record, I hold the 2009 Digital Overload Sumo Sliding record).

I'm not really sure if I'll get a Sumosac Gigantor (86"x60"x40") or the Monstersak XXXL (90"x72"x38"). Price-wise they're about equal: $399 for the Sumosac and $395 for the Monstersak. I think the Sumosac might be a big higher quality with the filling, but I don't know. I also think the dimensions of the Gigantor would be a bit nicer than the Monstersak XXXL, which probably wouldn't fit in the same space as a couch very well.

Seriously. Dang. Awesome.

I don't know when/if I'll ever get these ordered. I'll probably put my loveseat on Craigslist sometime in the next month and try and sell that first; presuming I can get $100 for it, I putting up another $300 for a massive beanbag chair doesn't seem too bad.


Alisha said...

i didn't do the research, but I go to Lovesac store in Mayfair Mall quite frequently, and according to their fliers Lovesacs have a 2 lifetime warranty.

Orga said...

You only hold the record because you had a better power to weight ratio.