Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oatmeal to Go

I'm not getting paid for this

A few weeks ago I started seeing a girl. We get along well and have a lot of fun hanging out, making dinner, and running errands together. She helped me decorate my bathroom when I moved into my new place (it's now tastefully frog themed) and whenever we have to go to the store, instead of going to Walmart she's gotten me to go to Target instead.

In my hometown I liked Target more than Walmart. Walmart has the convenience of being open 24 hours. Target has the benefit of not eating your soul when you walk in and the employees look like they're actually happy with their lives.

I also have a history of dating girls who have worked at Target. I guess it just attracts the kind of girls I like.

The Target is Orem is a Super Target, which just means they sell groceries, too. This is nice because unlike Super Walmarts with grocery stores, Super Targets actually have food I don't get sick from eating. (After a bad incident involving an angel food cake from Walmart I haven't been able to look at one since without almost gagging. It's a pity; I used to love angel food cake.) The store is really clean, everything is neatly stocked, and I feel like a better person just by saying that I shop there. I'm not contributing to the downfall of Western society! (And despite any rumors you may have heard, Target is not French--they're corporate HQ is in Minneapolis, MN, which means I'm both buying American AND supporting my home state. It's a trifecta of awesome.)

While walking through the cereal aisle and browsing the granola bars--I do love them--I found the Quaker "Oatmeal to Go: High Fiber" bars. They contain 10g of fiber, 13g of sugar, and about 210 Calories. That's pretty good for a granola bar. Having that much fiber makes them as solid as a brick, and eating them is not something to be done casually. It's a feat. I also imagine that much fiber entering my system at one time will result in another feat in about an hour.

I chose the Maple Brown Sugar flavor. They're not terribly sweet which is good, since I despise my oatmeal tasting like syrup. (My family will probably notice this is a drastic shift from my childhood when I would put so much brown sugar on my oatmeal it would often become super-saturated to the point of creating pools of melted brown sugar.) While they're somewhat caloricly dense, for a bar that's intended to replace a meal, I think I quite like these bars. If you're feel a stuffy and don't mind eating something reminiscent of a brick, the Oatmeal to Go bars are good. (But don't eat two in a short period of time; that much fiber can cause issues, trust me.)

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