Monday, June 1, 2009


While reading through wikipedia, I came across an article about an upcoming film called Julie & Julia. The movie is based off a book which is from blog by a woman named Julie Powell. The blog chronicles a year during which she set out to cook every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

This got me wondering what the purpose of my blog is. Initially it was just to write about topics I felt like writing about, but recently I've felt like that's getting stale (hence the two week hiatus). I'd like there to be a theme or topic that I do regularly, perhaps including random personal events occasionally.

I'm just not sure what to write about.

I honestly adore the idea of cooking all the recipes in a cookbook, but that seems to have been done already--quite successfully, too. There are blogs of various themes from stuff white people like to awesome things to cute animals to ugly animals to reasons why a bitter guy hates girls or why we're fat. I'm tempted to use it to chronicle my efforts to learn the guitar or perhaps my experiences in grad school. Those both seem kind of trite.

I could do a variety blog--Mondays write about guitar playing and progress, Tuesdays school, Wednesdays exercise, Thursdays cooking, Fridays simple comics I've doodled. That seems too scattered though. Specialization is what leads to quality sites and blogs. Being all over the place just looks random and unfocused; too hard to follow and get into.

What do you recommend I write about? Any suggestions for new experiments to undertake?


Brooke said...

I like the way you have your blog already. I like to think of the "theme" as "Life: The way Tim sees it". It's eclectic and fascinating. I can see the real you in your writing and get to know more about the things that you find interesting, which more often than not, I have never even thought about or considered. I personally wouldn't change it, but that's me.

nae4blue said...

The blog I've been reading the most lately is:

Mainly because I don't have to read, I just look. I also read a lot of Cat and Girl. You could start a webcomic if you feel you're out of ideas. I think you've got it in you. Plus, you have a mac, so no doubt you have Comic Life. My new and improved blog about things that matter is not working yet. I was thinking about doing a teacher education blog about sources I run upon and how I alter them to use them in my classroom. That probably won't happen until I'm in the swing of things actually writing lessons.

--jeff * said...

the people who read your blog do so because they want to know what's going on in your head/life, and, like brooke said, keep it up.

but you're right, specialized blogs usually attract readers you (or your friends) don't personally know.
so, if you want to, you can start another one.

i once got on the wikipedia to look up the membership of the barenaked ladies and finished with the evolutionary history of the conan o'brien late night set.

Atom said...

I am not bitter