Monday, July 6, 2009


I ♥ this city

It occurred to me on the 4th that I forgot to update on Friday, the 3rd. I think that's the first time I've ever accidentally missed an update.

Sadly this week more will (most likely) be missed. I'm flying to Minneapolis tomorrow and will be there until Sunday. I'll try to keep updates coming regularly. If nothing else I'm sure I'll be pretty active on Twitter--I always am while traveling--so you can keep an eye on that for random thoughts and updates.

As for today, at work I'm expecting a call from my Boss to reprimand me after the Director of the office here accused me of being "rude" to the employees and for "reading books and doing homework" at work. Admittedly, the being rude part I can understand--I made a joke with an employee that he wasn't allowed to have juice at his desk and apparently he didn't think it was a joke. My bad. I'm not sure where the "reading books and doing homework" accusations come from since I have never had a book at work and I've been out of college for a year and a half so it'd be pretty weird if I had homework.

I'm tempted to make a remark that his accusations to my superior about me doing homework and reading books on the job constitute slander as they are completely false and were made with intent to hurt me professionally. I'm not sure if there's any grounds for it but I'm looking into it, if only to get this guy off my back. This is why it's fun having a close friend in law school.

The Director has had it in for me since I told him I wouldn't handle the building security my first week working here. I think he assumed that since the alarm is an electronic system then it must fall under IT. This is the same guy who requested I guard the building for 4 weeks while it was being finished before we moved in.

He has absolutely no idea what IT does.

Because of those initial requests and my denial of some of them, he's seen me as a source of contention and problems. He also threatened to fire me after I didn't walk around the office and ask every employee personally if they needed any assistance with their computer. (He's not my boss and he has no authority over me; I'm in a different department, which made the threat nothing more than him trying to exert power he doesn't have.) Of the employees who have left voluntarily that I've gotten along with, about half have mentioned to me that his over-controlling and pushy attitude are why they left.

Thankfully it'll be over in a few weeks and I'll be back in the World of Academia.

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