Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Astute observation

Free webpage stats

On any given day I get around 20 people reading this blog. At least that's what Google Analytics tells me. I like to think the number is a little higher since that doesn't register RSS feeds and I know a number of people read it from there, too. (Speaking of RSS feeds, quick question to anyone who reads this blog via one: does the formatting work ok or is it really mucked up?)

Looking through the hits history I've noticed I generally get spikes whenever I either a) write a product review (
Skinomi guards for my cell phone, Lovesacs), b) rant about something in the news (Letter to Clair Suddath) or c) write something with excessively religious (Salt). 'A' is most probably from people doing Google searches and my blog coming up, 'B' is mostly from me posting the article on Digg.com and it actually being something people can relate to, and 'C' is from my brother pimping the article to everyone he knows.

The only other spikes in visits I've had have come in response to the two
cartoon posts I've made. I quite enjoyed making both of those, though it's painfully obvious my artistic skills are lacking. (In my defense, I drew both at work with limited tools at my disposal.)

I will fully admit I'd like to have more regular readers of my blog. I do understand why random people don't find it interesting; it's just my life and the events thereof. As people have pointed out--those who know me read it because they're interested in what's going on in my life and what I think; those who don't know me don't care. Sometimes I think I write interesting thing--I'm particularly fond of my
proposal post since it was a completely true story. Occasionally I write essays that people who don't know me personally might enjoy, but day-to-day I don't think it's overly interesting.

Start spreading the word, people!

I once read that if you have about 5,000 daily visitors then you can look into merchandising and be successful with it. That means I just need each person who reads this blog to tell 250 friends and then I can start selling "RampagingChocobo.com" shirts. I'd sell two versions, one with an angry chocobo dressed like the Juggernaut from X-Men charging somewhere, another with a chocobo with reading glasses sitting in a recliner in a smoking jacket reading Heidegger. Start those mass e-mailings now!

(I know; those shirts will never be made.)

I have been getting a number of positive reactions from some of my Twitter posts though. Looking at the list, I have 187 followers currently on Twitter; only about 65 are real people, the rest are companies and "click here for crazy monkey sex" spam-bots. It's kind of sad. From the living, breathing followers I do have I tend to get positive reactions from some of my more random thoughts though. I've considered trying to find an artist (or do a photo caption like A Softer World) to create some art to go with the more humorous thoughts; maybe create something fun that people enjoy.

In two weeks I'm quitting my job to focus on school--studying, talking with my Advisor and starting research, sleeping in. The usual school stuff. Maybe during that time I'll load up Adobe Photoshop and make some graphics for my ideas and see how they turn out. I'll probably post them here initially, and if the reactions are positive we'll see where it goes.

Guys, I have an idea!!

[I know this is a terribly poor idea; the internet is riddled with pathetic, wannabe comic writers and usually I only think my ideas are good when I'm either wired on caffeine (pictured left) or about to pass out from lack of sleep. Or both simultaneously.]

Maybe, just maybe, someday, in the distant future, I'll be able to justify making those shirts.


--jeff * said...

i'd wear a "rampaging chocobo" shirt if it was excessively religious.

Renee said...

It's pretty straightforward. I subscribe to your blog with google reader. The bolded words show up. The pictures aren't inline with text, but rather placed on their own lines. You should subscribe to your own blog using google reader to see what it does. I did that to mine. It's an interesting perspective.