Thursday, July 9, 2009


Little has changed

Baseball is known as the American national pass time. I never really understood that growing up. I wasn't a big fan of it; I always found baseball to be a rather dull game. I'd go to games occasionally with Lee and buy the $7 nosebleed seats; they were fun, but for the social aspect. I never really cared for the sport itself.

Yesterday around noon I got an e-mail from my Dad asking if I'd care to join him for a Twins game. He said they were playing the Yankees. I'd never seen the Yankees play, or the Twins really play anyone worth watching. I thought it sounded fun so I said sure. Unlike when I went with Lee, my Dad went and purchased good seats on the lower deck along the first baseline. (He almost got us seats right behind home plate but lost the tickets while purchasing due to a distraction at work.)

I can say with certainty that baseball is far more entertaining when you're actually close to the game. The Twins lost 3:4, but the game was still enjoyable. And I got to spend time with my Dad. I felt kind of awkward when I had to ask occasionally about who certain players were--I felt like I should know that being where I was. But it was a lot of fun. I was really tempted to buy a Twins jersey for the sake of pride in my home state, but $115 seemed a little excessive. I bought a Twins hat, instead.

I think I'll be keeping my eye out for an authentic Twins jersey for a decent price, but for now, I'm happy with the Twin Cities Twins hat.


--jeff * said...

that's pretty dang awesome.

nick peterson and i saw the twins play the yankees many years ago; i was excited to see don mattingly play, since he was my favorite baseball player on that simpsons episode.

it's kind of a warm/fuzzy post, really.

Becky said...

I have always kind of liked baseball, maybe because I remember watching the Twins when they won the world series in '91. And didn't you ever go on a 4th grade Twins trip for safety patrol members? It kind of has that All-American feel to it, although I agree that sometimes it can be sort of slow moving...

Alisha said...

Baseball is my favorite sport. I can understand the being bored while watching thing. For me, it's not just about the game, it's more about the atmosphere. And as always the 7th Inning Stretch is fun in Milwaukee. :) (and tailgating the best part.)