Thursday, July 16, 2009


My favorite Ravenclaw

I loaded up blogger to write a post today and read the comment my brother left on my previous blog entry. I was most interested in the part about which house in Hogwarts he'd be in; a recent Facebook quiz told me I'd be in Ravenclaw, which didn't surprise me. I can see Jeff in Hufflepuff as he predicted. I'm not sure where Becky would go, but probably Hufflepuff, too. Brady would be in Ravenclaw with me.

(If I don't stop that list soon I could easily be sidetracked into categorizing everyone I know.)

What I'm getting at is that this train of thought led me to doing a Wikipedia search on Hogwarts and the house histories, which led to me spending the next 3 hours browsing the Harry Potter Wiki. I hadn't realized how many details I had forgotten or in some cases missed completely.

If you've read the books and know the story, spend some time and reacquaint yourself with the lore. It's good stuff. I do wish some articles were longer and more detailed, but some information just isn't available or created yet. (One of my favorite little articles I hadn't known about was on the Ministry Classification of Magical Creatures, with a "XXXXX" category creature being known as "known wizard killer/ impossible to train or domesticate" while "X" simply says "boring.")

If you haven't read the books, I'd avoid the site since it has no issue giving away storyline spoilers. My advice to you then is to read the books and then spend hours going over the details.


Brooke said...

Have you read "Fantastical Beasts and Where To Find Them" or "Quidditch Through The Ages"? Both intersting reads. LOL

--jeff * said...

i bought both of those brooke-mentioned books for my sister several years ago. never read them myself, but i did recognize the magical monsters classification scale from there.

i'm planning on re-reading the whole series prior to next year's movie for just that reason: not the plot, but the rich details of the background.