Monday, July 20, 2009

Feng Shui

Clay, about to be flung

(For those who don't know, the correct pronunciation of "feng shui" rhymes with "flung clay.")

Last week a friend linked me to a sale at IKEA that was for this weekend only. For whatever reason they had one series of bookcases/desks half off. Good quality, too; actually solid wood, not the usual cheap particle board. Since I've been wanting to get a new desk for my apartment to replace the L shaped chunk of wood that comes off my bookcase and functions as a table, I grabbed my brother, went to IKEA, and picked up a desk and another bookcase.

I spent a good 7 hours on Saturday putting together the bookcase and desk and then rearranging my apartment. 400+ DVDs and books takes awhile to move around. But now that it's all done I really like the layout. It flows better.

When I first moved in I had this idea of putting my bookshelf in such a place it would create a little hallway going to the bathroom and bedroom. I couldn't do it though since the desk/table/board was attached to that bookshelf, so I was limited on where it could go. I ended up having it in the middle of my room, dividing the living room basically between a kitchen/dining area and a small area with my desk for watching TV. Not a bad design, but it was kind of cramped and the bookshelf prevented light from really getting anywhere.

I'm finally able to use the bookshelf to make the hallway, and I love it. My apartment feels a lot bigger now; more spacious, better flow. I'm almost certain it's not actually feng shui'd since that involves knowing the flow of energies and that fire should be on the South side and metal goes on the West. I haven't tried to match it with any of that chromatically or elementally. I just think it feels better.

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