Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Four Lights

lights on my car don't work simultaneously. They'll work in pairs, but not as a group. I think the Left said something derogatory to the Right; something about being the "master side" because that's where the driver sits.

The point is, my hazard lights don't work in my car.

I just discovered this this morning. My Mother sent out my old factory car system to replace the one that was stolen and this morning before going into work I wired it in. I had noticed that when my car was broken into the clock stopped working in my car and just assumed it used the same power source as the stereo. When I got a stereo installed it'd start working again. It didn't.

A brief look again found that the clock and hazard button have their own power connectors that the thief had disconnected (instead of cutting them, thankfully). Connecting them back up the clock came to life but the hazard lights remain elusive. I'm not sure what's wrong--could be a fuse, could be the switch, could be the power cable. At this point I don't have much to go on and will commence trouble shooting when I get a free minute at work. If I'm unsuccessful in my investigation, I may have to call a Turn-Signal Relationship Therapist to come and try and reconcile the dispute. Just because I sit on the left sides doesn't mean I hold any animosity towards the right, that just happens to be where the steering wheel and pedals are. It's nothing personal, I swear!

That being said, counting today, I only have four more days of work.

UPDATE: About 5 minutes after I posted this I went to check a few things out in my care and discovered that there are in fact two identical power cables that can connect into the hazard signal; I had simply chosen the wrong one. Hazard lights work out. Calling to cancel the Turn-Signal Relationship Therapist appointment now.

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