Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Three Questions

questions to ask--if you want to answer them in comments, awesome. If you just want to think about them to yourself, awesome.
  1. Do you believe in fate?
  2. What are your thoughts on koalas?
  3. What extinct animal do you wish was still around today?


--jeff * said...

1. not really.
2. a friend from australia said he was once in his room at home and heard what he thought was his sister walking down the hall. he looked out the door and saw a koala walking. it turned and looked at him, then continued toward the bathroom. "well, you gotta go, you gotta go" thought my friend, then so reasoned that he would have to escort the koala from his house. he picked it up and it dug its claws into his arm. "those things are sharp!" i remember him saying.
despite causing injury to my friend, i still think they're pretty great.

if you're talking about the japanese cookies, then i'm a fan of them, too.

3. what pains me is that i'm sure i'll think of a way cool animal later on. i suspect that the dodos on loony toons are more interesting than the actual bird. we all know what happens when you bring a t-rex back, so that's a no go. still, i would like to ride a brontosaurus, so i'll vote for that, and worry about the logistics of reality later.

Gismya said...

1. Can't say I do

2. Fuzzy! Cute!

But less awesome than pandas or polar bears

3. Mammoths! They are huge, and furry, and huge!