Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Epic Monopoly

Classic Edition: nothing else

As Mark pointed out in his comment of my previous post, on Sunday last weekend I did in fact play an epic game of Monopoly and I completely failed to mention it. At 9AM I'm not the most lucid and my memory tends to be rather short-term.

Monopoly has become something we play on Sundays. We in this case is my Brother, a few of our friends, ane of course, me. We don't play friendly rules nor fair rules--we play to win. This means if you land on someone's place and they don't notice before the dice are rolled by the next player you get away free. This also means if you land on someone's place and you can't pay you're forced to mortgage everything and on top of every dollar to your name till you can pay your debt. If you mortgage everything and still can't pay, you're out of the game and the person you owe gets everything.

As my Brother put it, "In Monopoly, all morality and honesty is forfeit. We play to win." And it's a blast. (I should point out we don't tolerate lying in the amount you pay when taxed or paying someone, only that you can sneak by properties if no one catches you.)

The game that was played last Sunday was, as previously stated, epic. It was our 2nd game of the day and we only had three players. Within 43 minutes Mark was out of the game and it was down to me and Jeff; I had 3/4ths of the board and hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place; Jeff had a few places but no Monopolies so he couldn't build anything. The game was mine.

Feeling cocky I tossed Jeff Virgina Ave and States Ave to complete a Monopoly for him--the magentas right after the jail. I figured I had the game in the bag so I'd give him a sporting chance. He took the opportunity to build three houses on each, which I then landed on and he upgraded to hotels. Next round he managed to pass Boardwalk and Park Place and I, again, hit St. Charles Place (the 3rd magenta). This pattern continued: he would pass through Boardwalk and Park Place hitting either the Luxury Tax square or jumping them entirely, I would hit his hotels every time around. In a few turns, I was down to only Boardwalk and Park Place, still with hotels, but nothing else beyond $27 cash.

Then Jeff landed on Park Place.

He was so rich at this point that he shrugged and paid me the $1500 in three $500 bills. I took them happily and then the next round gave him back $750 for landing on his hotels. I was still alive though.

A few more rounds passed and Jeff hit Park Place again. I un-mortgaged some places, built hotels on the cheap purples, and went around again. For the next 2 hours Jeff and I went around passing money back and forth, each going from owning all the cash in the game to almost nothing.

Eventually after 2 hours and 47 minutes, the game ended after Jeff hit Park Place three turns in a row.

Rags to Riches

Throughout the game we each went from completely-sure-we'd-win to what's-the-point-in-even-rolling-the-dice about three times.

I gave him the two magentas to give him a sporting chance, and it prolonged the game for another 2 hours making it one of the most eventful Monopoly games I've ever seen.

And we're going to play again on Sunday.

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Brooke said...

Yes, it truly sounds like it was Epic! I, to this day, am still shocked that I won. Something I have never acomplished I believe. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that had we not liquidated our assets when we did, I don't know that I would have held the win. Good time, good times!