Tuesday, August 25, 2009

He said, She said

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the morning calling Bank and School trying to figure out why I don't have my student loans yet. It's not a dire situation--I have money saved up and I'm still surviving--but since tuition is due I'd like to pay it.

I call School first. Since it's the beginning of the semester the financial office is busy and so I'm put on hold. A choppy, automated voice tells me the average wait time is 7 minutes 34 seconds. Watching the clock, five minutes later it says the average wait time is 5 minutes 6 seconds. Five more minutes pass and the average wait time is now 5 minutes 36 seconds. Apparently they hired the guy who wrote the Windows file transfer time estimate for their wait time dialog. Eventually I get through and a girl picks up the phone, I explain my situation, get put on hold, and finally she says that they haven't gotten the ok from Bank to distribute the funds. About a month ago my loan totals were given to me and I accepted the amounts, but apparently Bank hadn't ok'd it yet.

Calling Bank they said School hasn't given them the amount yet and since School is on a "Do Not Contact" list, they can't even call them to ask for the required information to complete my loan. I recall two months ago something similar with a sheet of paper that Bank gave me and said I needed to give i to School, but School claimed they had nothing to do with it and gave it back to me, even though after I called Bank and they assured me School should have it.

So I call School again. Once again I go through the wait: 8 minutes 12 seconds, 4 minutes 48 seconds, 6 minutes 9 seconds. I get the same girl I spoke with the first time and explain I spoke with Bank and they're pointing the finger at School. She put me on hold for a few seconds. When she comes back she explains that they had thought the information had been sent to Bank but it had not--she apologized and explained they'd immediately send it over and I should have my loans by Friday.

The entire process took about an hour and a half. I figure at this point I'm already late for research so I go get a haircut. As fate would have it, the girl who cut my hair was the sister-in-law of a co-worker of mine at Barnes & Noble. Coming home I hop on my bike and head to School only to find my tires desperately need air. A bike pump is now on my list of things to purchase next time I'm out.

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