Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's easy when you have nothing else to do

Currently I've got a month off. No work. No school. Just free time to study (which I've been doing) and relaxing (which I've also been doing).

One goal I've set for myself during this month is to get back to the gym and get my meals planned out better. For the past month I didn't really care what I ate and hadn't been to the gym in about five months. I wanted to remedy this so that it's a habit while in school. When I was finishing my senior year I was going to the gym regularly and it helped clear my head and focus me--I always did better on tests after going to the gym (studies actually do support this) so I want to do that again. I started this week.

I've found it's about as easy as I remember it being when I was in college. At the time I would make Jared go with me--he was a great guy to work out with and just be around in general. It gave me someone to be accountable to and kept me pushing myself harder as Jared's taller and bigger than me, but I wanted to try and match him. My goal was to catch up to him, his goal was to always stay ahead of me. It worked out quite well.

When I started working full time in an office I found that at the end of the day, after six hours of sleep, sitting at a desk for nine hours, and an hour in the car, coming home to an overheated apartment with a broken AC unit, I had absolutely no desire to go get sweaty at the gym. This severely hurt my gym attendance.

It's amazing how much easier it is to go to the gym when you haven't been at work all day. Going to the gym is something I'm starting to like again (my back disagrees after deadlifting today). I'm excited to get back in shape; I miss feeling energetic and able to run. I think this month will be good for me.

[My AC unit was replaced today; my apartment is livable again!]

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