Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Socks

Life is good

One of the small joys in this world that is far too often overlooked is that of new socks.

If you're like me, socks aren't really something you think too much about. I have about 15-20 pair that I wear regularly. Other than perhaps making sure they don't clash terribly with what I'm wearing, I don't really focus too much on them. They're only there to make my shoes more comfortable. I might buy new socks once every 2-3 years at most.

And no one likes to receive socks as gifts.

Last Christmas I realized I had been wearing the same socks since about high school when my Mom bought me some. I figured it was time to update, so I asked for a bunch of socks. My Mom is well aware of the "no one likes to receive socks as gifts" rule and so she double and triple checked that it wasn't a fake request or an accidental addition to my Amazon.com wishlist. I assured her it wasn't and that I legitimately wanted socks.

And I got socks.

I didn't get as many as I would have liked, but I still got a lot. (I asked for about 24 pair, enough to overhaul my entire collection. I got 12 pair, enough to replace the beaten up and sad socks in my drawer.) I've picked up a few more pairs for myself in the past few months, too. Since my old socks are still in circulation I tend to wear them more often than the new ones, and since I only have about 16 pairs of underwear I end up doing laundry before getting to a majority of my new socks.

Obama knows where it's at

Every now and then I'll pull out a rarely worn new pair and wear them, and every time I do that, I'm reminded that good socks are one of the small, simple, and great pleasures of this life.

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