Thursday, August 20, 2009

Of Coin Tosses and Shuffles

Great if your ipod fits in it

I've been using the purple iPod Nano to go running. I ordered it after my previous one was stolen and it's been very effective, but since the 4th generation Nanos are a slightly different shape than the 2nd generation, my armband doesn't work as well; the buttons don't line up and the screen is covered. Two weeks ago I decided I wanted to get a 2nd generation iPod Shuffle to go running with. You know, those little things that look like stamps but play music and would probably illicit a cockeyed look from your postal carrier if you attached it to a letter.

I look around at Best Buy, Simply Mac (the authorized Mac store in the area), and online. All the prices seemed the same across the board, but offers the red color exclusively (part of the (RED) campaign) and orders come with free engraving--something Best Buy is sorely lacking. I figure if the cost is the same, I'll wait the few days for delivery and get an engraved (RED) iPod.

The question then is, what do I engrave my new iPod with?

I want something fun and friendly, maybe "Smile!" or "Enjoy life." Perhaps something motivational, like "Go running" or "Go to the gym. Now." That's when I remember the universal greeting from Transformers, "Bah weep granah weep ninny bong." It's a universal way of saying 'hello' and being friendly. That's exactly what I want for my iPod!

At the purchase order, I notice there's a box for discount codes. Recently I've become a fan of discount coupons online--a quick Google search will usually bring them up and can lead to savings from free shipping or 5% off to as much as 15-20% off if the stars align in your favor. So I do a quick search for iPod discounts. I don't find any coupons, but I do find a link to the refurbished iPods which run 20-33% cheaper. The downside is that engraving isn't an option, nor is the (RED) color. On the plus side, they do have the 2GB model, which is currently unavailable new.

Having picked out my new iPod--2nd generation, 2GB version. The question is what color. With the options presented--blue, green, silver, pink--I'm torn between green and silver. Silver matches more things, green has a bit more flare to it. (I'd consider blue, but the color is just a bit too bright.) Unable to decide, I ask my brother for a coin: if it's heads, I get the silver, if it's tails, I get the green.

Let the Fates decide

Right as I'm about to flip the coin, my brother chimes in.

"If it's on it's side, you get the pink one." He suggests.

"Alright." I shrug. And I flip the coin.

It lands on the carpet. Bounces once. Twice. Then rolls and comes to rest comfortably on the carpet. Against my shoe. On it's side.

My brother erupts in laughter.

Something that has always been important to me is being a man of my word--if I say I'll do something, I'll do it. I agreed that if the coin landed on it's side I'd buy the pink iPod Shuffle. The coin landed on it's side. (Plus arguing with the Fates like that just didn't seem like a good idea; they could cut my thread at any time. They're cold and callous towards humankind; I wouldn't be able to persuade them.)

My new iPod

And now I own a pink iPod Shuffle. It's named the Pink Dwarf Bleeding Heart (it's a type of flower).

(I found out after it was delivered that 2nd generation iPod Shuffles have issues with Windows 7 currently. That is, Windows 7 will recognize the iPod and say everything is ok, but songs won't load on to them. After RMAing the first one sent to me Apple sent me a replacement, and since it has the same issue I started thinking it wasn't the iPod's fault. Searching online I've found a solution, here. It's not as long as it looks and it works. If you know anyone with Windows 7 and an iPod Shuffle and they're having this problem, pass the solution on.)

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