Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This is art.

This morning I listened to RENT for the first time since high school.


A few months ago I started listening to OK Computer by Radiohead and was reminded how it's a masterpiece of music. Today I'm reminded how RENT is a masterpiece of musical theatre. Maybe it's a bit more understanding of life, but the music, characters, and story are far better than I remember.

I know for awhile I wasn't a big fan of RENT simply because it was what everyone loved. The "dislike anything popular" mentality that I carried pushed me away from it. Now that I can listen to it objectively, I'm in awe.

Do yourself a favor today and listen to an album or CD you haven't heard for a few years--see if your old favorites hold up. Some will, some won't, but either way it'll be a fun experience.

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