Monday, August 17, 2009


I ♥ pandas (and nature)

Men's Health had an article in it last month about charity work. The author spent a month--I think it was a month; I don't really recall and don't feel like looking through the article to double check right now--and volunteered at different charities. He helped out at homeless shelters, walking animals at the pound, and playing BINGO with the elderly, among other things. It was a good article about altruism.

One thing he pointed out in the end was that after doing it, he's more likely to give money to charities since he saw what even little donations can do to help. After reading that, I remembered an e-mail I got last week and wanted to mention it here.

There's a new service called that works along the lines of Travelocity and Orbitz (except without the flights) that's doing a promotional deal right now to get their name out: if you join their group on Facebook (here) they'll donate $5 in your name, if you tweet about them (just mention and what charity you support) they'll donate $10, and if you mention them in a blog, they'll donate $20.

It might seem minuscule and unimportant, but the fact is a simple mention of them on Twitter or a few clicks on Facebook or a mention on your blog can add up. I can't vouch for the quality of the site or the rates of the hotels through them, but if they're willing to donate $20 to the
World Wide Fund for Nature just because I'm writing this blog, then yeah, I'll write it and bring this to the attention of others.

It's a small gesture and it's a small donation, but small donations can make a big difference.

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