Thursday, August 6, 2009

What I support

I support life.

I support sustainability. I support nuclear energy, wind energy, hybrid cars, painting roads and rooftops white, recycling paper and pop cans, donating old clothes to homeless shelters and I support government grants and financing to aid research in new sources of energy and technology. I support the Circle of Life as taught to me by The Lion King and I support driving my car to work each day because it'd be a pain to walk 28 miles. I support free education and sharing sources and looking at new ideas with an open mind. I support questioning the purpose of existence, whether we exist, what it means to exist, how we can know we exist and what to do while we exist. I support living with nature since we're mammals and a part of the world just like Simba and Pumba and Flipper. I support biology, chemistry, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, epidemiology, nephrology, dentistry, orthopedic surgery, and I think we need to bring back phrenology because the busts were awesome. I support philosophy and mathematics and physics. I support growing your own food organically and I support buying from local farmers markets. I support cooking with olive oil because it's good for you and makes everything taste better. I support reading and creating art just for the hell of it and creating offensive art just for the hell of it. I support local charities and national charities and worldwide charities. I support celebrities going to other countries and helping to build wells and schools and just making the lives of the people who live there a little brighter if only for a day. I support holding the doors for women with children, old women with walkers, old men with canes, and cute girls with lowcut tops. I support free range poultry, pork, and beef. I support wild caught salmon. I support only taking what you need and giving back as much as you can. I support leaving places you've been cleaner than when you arrived. And that includes this planet.

[Check out this site: It's a work in progress, but shows promise of being quite cool.]

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