Thursday, June 17, 2010

Caring for Your Introvert

I cannot express how much I love this article entitled "Caring for Your Introvert". It might be one of the best things ever written about social interaction (particularly with me).

I thought had posted this awhile ago, but a quick search (new widget on the right side) showed nothing.

It's worth reading. At least, I'd appreciate it if you did. (Chances are good that other people you know would like it, too.)

Perhaps my favorite line from this article:
Remember, someone you know, respect, and interact with every day is an introvert, and you are probably driving this person nuts.
Because it's true.

[There's a follow-up to the post with an interview here, and a nice blog from Psychology Today regarding introversion as well, The Introverts Corner.]


Jaime said...

so, i liked this, to help me understand you more (which it did). but i didnt really like how it dissed the whole time on extroverts, because i am one. but then again, i know it's exactly what all you introvert's are thinking.. so... i have mixed feelings.

Tim said...

I wouldn't say that the less-than-favorable light on extroverts is exactly how I see them, but it's hard to deny that the world views extroverts much more favorably. The main point of the article is that a lot of people don't understand introverts because our culture pushes extroversion as the norm and what people should be like (e.g. a person should want to go to parties and it should be fun).

Jaime said...

you're right. i dont understand when you dont want to come and need time alone. i mean, i get time alone, but i know you need more, i just dont get why. but, i usually just leave it at that. you want to be alone, and i will let you. but the hard thing is, i dont know when it's ok TO contact you.(thus why i dont contact you often. i dont want to be "annoying") like, i think sometimes we may give you TOO much space. i dont know how to find the happy medium.