Friday, April 8, 2011

Ranting (ignore if you want)

There's a good chance the government will shut down tomorrow (almost today) due to issues of the GOP/Tea Party wanting $40 billion in budget cuts to reduce deficit spending, almost all of which they're taking from places like the EPA, the NIH, and largely Planned Parenthood.

Now, I figure it's only a matter of time before the Tea Party is seen as nothing more than a fringe group like the Green Party or Socialist Party--they'll exist, but won't have any real impact on anything.

Sadly, until then, we get to deal with people who have absolutely no idea how to fix a deficit. $40 billion cut in funding? Sounds like a lot; sounds like a good amount that could reduce that 40% deficit that's going to ruin the lives of us and our children? No, it actually isn't. It's not much of a drop in the bucket thanks to the military defense budget.

Military spending: $895 billion
Non-military spending: $520 billion
Total: $1.415 trillion OR $1415 billion

How much does the $40 billion in spending cuts reduce the deficit by? Well if the deficit is, according to the most reports, 40% of each dollar spent, then that deficit is $566 billion. That $40 billion cut reduces the deficit spending by 7%.

That is, the Tea Party/Republicans are being demanding a 7% reduction in deficit spending, claiming that will stop the problems they're prophesying.

Oh, but no one has dared to touch the military spending, especially not the Tea Party or GOP members, because that's what America is all about! It's those damned immigrants and godless slut single-mothers who are getting abortions that are sucking our money. And public school teachers! Moochers...


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